Migrate from iPhone to Android
Migrate from iPhone to Android

Migrate from iPhone to Android in 7 easy steps

Migrate from iPhone to Android: A Leap Towards Diversity. Crossing over from the streamlined orchard of Apple to the boundless realm of Android is akin to embarking on an expedition filled with surprises and newfound freedoms. With a vast array of customizable options and a diverse app ecosystem, Android entices those with a knack for personalization. However, the initial hurdle that often deters individuals is the migration of data and settings from the iPhone. Fret not, as this odyssey is far from Herculean. This guide is your companion in making a smooth transition from iPhone to Android, ensuring all your cherished data accompanies you in this new adventure.

1. Preparing for the Big Move

Migrate from iPhone to Android. Before you dive into the migration process, a bit of groundwork will pave the way for a smooth transition.

  1. Backup iPhone Data:
    Begin by backing up your iPhone data using iCloud or iTunes. Every bit of preparation helps in ensuring a smooth transition.
  2. Charge Both Devices:
    Ensure both your iPhone and Android device are fully charged. You wouldn’t want a dying battery to be the party pooper in this migration fiesta!
  3. Stable Wi-Fi Connection:
    A sturdy Wi-Fi connection is your ally in ensuring a seamless data transfer.

2. Using Google Drive

Google Drive is a fantastic tool to help you migrate from iPhone to Android your contacts, calendar, and photos.

  1. Download Google Drive on iPhone:
    Get Google Drive from the App Store and sign in with your Google account.
  2. Backup Using Google Drive:
    Go to Menu > Settings > Backup on Google Drive. Select what you want to backup and hit ‘Start Backup’.

3. Migrating Contacts

Let’s ensure none of your acquaintances are left behind in this migration saga. don’t loose your contacts when you migrate from iPhone to Android.

  1. Sync with Google Account:
    On your iPhone, go to Settings > Passwords & Accounts > Add Account > Google. Enter your credentials and toggle on Contacts.

4. Migrating Photos and Videos

Your memories are precious; let’s carry them along on this new journey.

  1. Using Google Photos:
    Download Google Photos on your iPhone, sign in, and start the upload. Your memories will now await you on your Android device.

5. Migrating Messages

Text messages often house trivial chats and pivotal information alike.

  1. Using iSMS2droid:
    Backup your messages using iTunes, and use the iSMS2droid app to transfer them to your Android device.

6. Migrating Mail Accounts

Your email is your digital postbox; let’s ensure it follows you to Android.

  1. Adding Email Accounts:
    On your Android device, navigate to Settings > Accounts > Add Account, and input your email credentials.

7. Migrating Apps and App Data

Some apps make our lives easier; let’s keep them handy on your new device.

  1. Re-download Apps:
    While there’s no direct way to migrate apps, a visit to the Google Play Store will help you rediscover and download your favorite apps.

Post-Migration Checks

Once the migration process is over, a few checks ensure everything is in place.

  1. Check Contacts, Photos, and Videos:
    Ensure all your contacts, photos, and videos are correctly migrated and accessible on your Android device.
  2. Log into Apps:
    Log into your apps, check your emails, messages, and ensure all necessary data is available.


The operation to Migrate from iPhone to Android is less of a tech ordeal and more of a pathway to a new digital experience. It’s about embracing diversity in the mobile ecosystem while ensuring all your cherished data continues to be a part of your digital repertoire.

We invite you to share your migration stories, the challenges you faced, or any hacks you discovered in the comments below. Our community at Simple.IT is all ears for real-world experiences that can help others in their migration endeavors. So go ahead, narrate your tale of transitioning from iPhone to Android, and let’s make this voyage less daunting and more exciting for everyone. Your insights are not just awaited; they are much appreciated!

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